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22 Mar

Certain SEO Myths to be Avoided in 2015

With SEO comes SEO Myths and there are certain myths that are a must not in the year 2015. However, there are many such theories based on various experiences and depending on these experiences many myths have taken place. So, never ever fall in the traps of someone who claims to offer “#1 Google Ranking” and that too in one day.

SEO Myths 2015

SEO myths that must be avoided while planning SEO Strategy

  • Purchasing an expired domain to fake the site history:
    Truth: Expired domains can only be purchased if that domain name perfectly suits your business website. There are enormous domains which have expired due to spamming issues and some of them may be permanently removed by Google.

    So, choose expired domains wisely after checking its entire history and have a confirmation that it should not be blacklisted.

  • Domain age is an important Factor:
    Truth: Domain age is one of the important factors that must be considered while doing SEO of any website. However, quality content and quality back links are more important.

    Always choose the domains that have good content and try to select new domains as they can get more rankings as compared to older ones.

  • Region specific domain is necessary:
    Truth: Content is more important than any other tricks used with website domains.

    The main aim of Google is to render useful information to the users and so while doing SEO, content is what matters a lot. Algorithms don’t just check keywords; they are created to check the quality of the content as well and then displays those websites having most valuable content.

  • Domain must include a keyword: Another myth is to include keywords in domain. Actually, every time this is not true. The reason behind that is SEO fundamentals state that keywords must be placed overall the webpage and so this myth is developed that domain name must possess keyword.

    And finally the truth is a website with better content will definitely get more rankings than a website having keywords in domain name.

  • Keywords are important in the content to get ranked well:
    In early days when SEO was new in the industry, keywords in the content were of great importance but now things have changed after the launch of various Google algorithm updates.

    The main thing to focus on is on page optimization and also every other SEO aspect must be used in a proper manner. Keywords are important but it’s not necessary to stuff enough of these in your web pages.

  • Better to have more web pages:
    Google prefers to have websites which are easy to find but that doesn’t mean your website must be overloaded with extra web pages. This is really a great myth that must not be followed always.

    It’s a myth that more pages means more rankings and so just avoid doing this, include web pages with rich content even if they are less in number and you are done.

Wind up

Hope these myths will now be clear to you and now you will be able to develop a myth free SEO strategy for your business. To get an amazing SEO Strategy developed, stay in touch with Softqube Technologies, well known SEO services provider in India.

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