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12 Jul

Questions that Truly Define the Skills of SEO Professional

The demand of better SEO strategy is never ending. Getting yourself noticed on the web is very important. This needs some technical expertise. But, how will you judge whether your SEO professionals have that expertise or not?

Before hiring an experienced SEO professional, it is advisable to verify their knowledge and skills. Here, we have listed some of the questions that must be asked to know the true potential of the SEO candidate.

    • List of ongoing as well as previously handled SEO Projects: A well experienced SEO executive will have no issues to share its previous works as well as current projects going on. This shows that the person has good knowledge of effective SEO campaigns and he/she can bring positive impact in the rankings and can drive more audience.
    • Ask about the strategies that he/she will apply to boost your search engine rankings:  At the time of interview, SEO consultant should clearly clarify as to how and what strategies he/she will apply in order to boost your website’s search engine results as well as those of your client’s in case you take any projects. Along with this, a rough estimate of time that will be utilized to achieve the goals.

      This must include a small technical review of your website so as to check if the candidate is able to identify the issues and is able to provide solution to it or not. Further, a small round of on-page optimization should be conducted to check how well the candidate is performing in developing on page SEO strategies.

      Last but not the least, you must confirm with the interviewee if he/she is able to carry out any off page optimization techniques that can spread awareness regarding your services on blogs, articles in a better way.

    • How much do they rely on search engine guidelines?: A strong recommendation is to hire a consultant who strictly adheres to search engine’s SEO guidelines and prohibits the most commonly used SEO techniques that consists of creating spamy content, generate fake links or links fully stuffed with keywords.

      Not adhering to such guidelines can throw your website out of search results or can result in lower search rankings.

    • Does the candidate provide guarantee for bringing your website in top search results? If the answer to this question is Yes; look for another candidate as it’s impossible to provide guarantee for any search engine ranking or search results as they keep changing as per location and time. Search engines are solely responsible for search results and page ranks.
    • How will the success of SEO campaign measured?:  To trace the success of any SEO campaign, the traffic on that website is to be tracked first and from where does it come? Google Analytics eases this task. So, SEO professionals must know how to use it and must be able to track search engine rankings, websites that drive traffic to your website, keywords used to search your website on search engine. Ask them how they will use this data to improve your website’s performance.


These are some of the questions that will make easy for you to either hire an SEO professional or assign the task to any well known SEO Company such as Softqube Technologies.

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