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25 Jul

Web Addresses, Short codes & QR codes- How to access them?

With increase in the usage of mobile applications, the use of digital media such as web addresses, short URL’s, QR codes has also increased. This helps users to quickly access the content. Here, we are going to discuss how the data from digital media is converted into print media which can be clearly readable.

  • Web Addresses: While advertising, a website address is also given as a mode of contact and also a form of online brochure where people get insight of the type of business the company is into. However, using strange URLS such as can confuse the readers.

    A solution to remove this confusion is tinyurl, bitly, and that create a short url for long web address and makes it easy for users to type and remember. In recent times, it is advisable to have a responsive website that can be easily accessed on mobile phones.

  • Short codes: Another popular gadget is the mobile phone where text messaging is more popular. SMS marketing is the way to spread a word about your business among the people. Especially discount offers sent via SMS tend to generate more business.

    Short-codes are generally small words that are typed and sent to a given number which give you the required information in the form of a message.

    You might have received some messages that contain hyperlink, for e.g.: Watch the live FIFA world cup match: http:// The main purpose of these codes is to send users to the specific web address and it should be mobile optimized.

  • QR codes: This was originally developed by Toyota to keep the record of inventory. The full form is “Quick Response “code, it is an open source code that can be accessed by QR code readers used by multiple mobile platforms.

When a user scans that code, he/she is diverted to a particular web address. This is the most convenient way as it is free to use and can be created from various QR code generator websites.

Most of the android mobile applications support QR codes; a QR code reader can also be added to the application. The QR codes have failed as people are unaware about its use and lack in knowledge has led to its failure at some places.

In simple terms, we can say QR code is a tool to divert audience to any specific web address and must be used the same way as mentioning the web address on any brochure or visiting card.

Which method is more convenient?

Any of the above mentioned methods can be opted for marketing purpose, the aim should be users must be aware about what are they getting .For instance , scanning a QR code should provide them a product demo or any discount. Users must be benefited from the methods used for marketing purpose.

So, whatever you think to use for advertisements, to develop a perfect mobile application you can get in touch with expert application developers at Softqube technologies, a well known Android application development company in India.

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