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27 Aug

Responsive Websites or Mobile Apps: Which One Is Better?

A plethora of studies claimed that the mobile data traffic will increase nearly ten times between 2014 and 2019. So in this mobile-driven world, enterprises have realized that if they want to sustain then they need to establish a strong mobile presence which is a very challenging task for all the enterprises. Now the most common question, which arises in the mind of the business houses, is whether they should go for a mobile application or a responsive mobile website: which one will go best with their nature of business. Each one of them has their own upsides and limitations. So, before taking the final call, it is advisable that the company should evaluate those differences precisely. There are many web development company India which provides both websites and mobile applications to their clients.

A responsive website is usually optimized for the mobile phone browser. Such a website can easily be accessible from anywhere and anytime, irrespective of the mobile devices and platforms.

A mobile app is a native program that is being specially designed for smartphones, tablets and other devices. The entire process of mobile app development is very time-consuming and it requires some strenuous effort from app developers. A mobile app can simply be downloaded from the app store and installed into the device and customers can use these apps whenever they required.

A Comparison between Mobile Apps and Responsive Website

A single website can easily be used for several types of devices and mobiles. On the other hand, a mobile application possesses different design, develop and maintenance. It is true that for different mobile operating systems the same application needs to be written in a different way. So, developing multiple applications for the same purposes can be risky and expensive.

If our application can run without the internet and doesn’t interact with the database too frequently then a mobile application can be the preferred option. Some mobile apps can work offline while on the other hand, mobile websites need an internet connection.

Responsive Website vs Mobile App
Once a mobile website is built, it can easily go for a long time. The upgradations and updating are very less with the mobile website as compared to mobile apps. A native mobile application can perform better for interactivity and graphics than a mobile website. If someone is planning to develop a gaming application, then a mobile application will be the best choice. In this case, instead of choosing a mobile app, they go to a mobile website, and then it will not be a prudent decision for them. Mobile applications always offer better user interface. If we want to access features like camera, GPS, and reading native libraries of the mobile operating system, then a mobile application will be the utmost choice for us. A mobile application is more personalized in nature which can be effective for the end users.

The native mobile application requires a separate design, development and support on different platforms. Only erudite and sagacious mobile app developers who have extensive knowledge in this sector can successfully execute this job. On the other side, a single version needs to be maintained for a website. So cost and effort that are associated with the responsive website are very low and hence can easily be affordable.

Softqube Technologies is a pre-eminent web development company in India which works on both mobile applications and websites for their clients.

If anyone needs services like responsive websites or mobile apps then they should make contact with Softqube Technologies, one of the well-known web development company in India.

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