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13 May

Asp.Net Application Development at Affordable Rates

Developed by Microsoft as a web application framework, is used to create web sites, web applications that use a simple language to write codes in any supported code language. Basically, web pages are developed by off shore development companies that have certain type of controls including HTML servers.

HTML known as hyper text markup language is the main source of web pages as html tool is used to develop the need based websites. With ease of using the internet, every single person surfs enormous website and on the other hand, various types of websites are developed keeping in mind the needs. To meet up the increasing demand, Microsoft came up with an interesting framework for developing games, applications, web services, professional websites and much more. This is known as development.

It is a server side scripting technology having in building features that are used to develop user friendly softwares, dynamic websites, etc. The application development and dynamic website creation require very less coding as compared to software development. With application, an independent platform is available that can be gained through any transitional language, such as html on any virtual machine.

Applications or programs developed using are put together through an intermediate language. While assembling, this framework provides a CLR known as the Common Language Runtime that transforms the intermediate language coding in any language that is understood by the operating system used to run that web application.

For e.g.: If any web application is developed using then it is to be assembled into an intermediate language which then converts into DOS, a language used by windows operating system, C language for Linux etc.

Furthermore, .NET supports other languages as well, such as, C# etc. Any of these languages can be used by web developers to create applications as per the needs of the client. Windows user interface and likewise can also be developed using Applications created using this application are strong, durable and safe in nature. These can be verified via validation and verification tests.

Many IT companies in India render the services for development. Offshore development is also provided by various web development companies. Most of the international firms prefer as the favorable development platform due to its several advantages.

In India, the availability of developers is huge and companies provide development services at a nominal cost. Different service packages are available that can be selected as per the need. Web application developers are also hired on a project basis.

IT firms employ web developers and then they work for overseas firms as their virtual assistants for developing custom applications for platform. Softqube Technologies, is an IT firm based in India that renders Development services at moderate prices. It has a huge team of developers having hands on experience in the field of developing web based application for different platforms. Get in touch with us today to discuss about your offshore web development needs.

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