Why Softqube

Softqube supports software Development Company with co-development of services with sincere dedication of programmers to meet deadline, approach to building
long term relationship for offshore development services and reduce development cost by over 50%.
Why Softqube

Key benefits of software development outsourcing to Softqube

  • Sincere Dedication of programmers to meet deadline
  • Commitment to client benefit maximization
  • Approach to building long term relationship for offshore software development services
  • Experience in custom development, fully integrated systems for leading companies in the industry.
  • A low risk delivery model and therefore highly predictable systems
  • Respond quickly and flexibly to changes or additions to the project.
  • Reduce development cost by over 50%.


Working with you, we are fully obedient with the guidelines and principles. We at Softqube develop each application as a sole part of our client’s intellectual property portfolio. We emphasize the value of your project. We ensure our clients for data security, network security, servers and workstation security.

By way of security standards, our each employee and visitor have restricted access. We allow only employees, management and special visitors on office premises with authorized ID. All authorized access to servers, networks and workstations are controlled by individual passwords.


We emphasize the value of our clients’ project and strictly guard every element of our client’s confidential information. We keep stick security for our client’s confidential data and property. No any projects ever divulge to third parties without the precise permission of our Client. In order to keep client’s information and idea private, it would be wise to enter into a confidentiality agreement.

NDA with Client

We ensure our clients for protection and security of your confidential information, signing an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). Information commonly protected by NDAs might include client information, developing process, and marketing ideas. Through NDA, your secrets will be kept underground.

NDA with Employees

The employees at Softqube also sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements at the joining time. We regularly offer updated practices to guarantee company standards and keep informed to each employee about the importance of data protection.


A collaborative working environment plays a large role in the ability to support people in their individual and cooperative work. The atmosphere of a good work navigates the company in the right direction of better productivity. It controls the whole things, from the safety of patients and their caregivers to job satisfaction. At our job place, we work as one family and inspire a healthy work culture developed on a basis of team spirit, passion for work, trust and feedback of our employees as well as our loyal clients.