Vehicle Tracking System

In these toughest financial times, businesses are accounting for every penny they spend for any purpose.
Vehicle Tracking System
In these toughest financial times, businesses are accounting for every penny they spend for any purpose.

They are also searching an innovative and best way to cut down expenditure and save money some of their much-needed funds. At present, many big companies provide travelling facility to their valuable employees as well as giving vehicle to a member of staff to service jobs all over the country. In terms of that, tracked vehicles are vital to stop unwanted use of the vehicle and reduce overall fleet costs. We at Softqube have intended GSM GPS based vehicle tracking system to track and simultaneously send real time location information about your personal and corporatevehicles, relatives, cargoes and especially public taxis etc.

Our aim is to provide best, reliable, cost-effective, yet user-friendly software to determine the exact vehicle location at any time.

What does this mean for the business of our clients?

A Vehicle tracking system like ours, use a combination of GPS and GSM technology, mobile phone network, internet, digital mapping and tracking devices with software to allow business owners to track the exact vehicle location, plus complete set of information that tells what route was used, when the vehicle was turned ON/OFF, speed and even fuel consumption.

It’s really important to the business owner to know where their service or delivery vehicles are at any given time and also gives accurate and timely information about delivery times, stops, etc. to your clients to answer a support issue. Our vehicle tracking system is the best solution to see the location of each and every one of your vehicles with street level accuracy. Its robust based application that provides sound vehicle and passenger tracking solution. It can be used for web, windows and Android smart phones.  It helps to keep your business up and running and keep down the cost of fuel and wear on the vehicle. Using our system, one will obtain benefits like:

  • View real-time location
  • Establish routes and rules to alerts
  • Track mileage
  • Measure distance from key on to key off
  • Generate a range of MIS reports such as Vehicle History, Work-Time, Fuel Usage, Extra Stoppage Time, etc.
  • Improve Vehicle & Cargo Security
  • Resolve Billing Disputes
  • Improved health and safety
  • Control personal vehicle usage and eliminate moonlighting
  • Get alerted when unwanted movement occurs
View Real-time Location

Our system is best for:

  • BPO Companies or Call Centers
  • Ambulance, Police and other Emergency Service Providers
  • Beverage distributors
  • Call Taxi operators
  • Public Transportation System
  • Freight carriers of Industrial and Agricultural produce
  • Municipal Corporations
  • School Buses & cabs
  • Fossil Fuel Carriers
  • Transportation services
  • Infrastructure and Construction Companies
  • Personal Cars

Case Study: GSM GPS Based Tracking System


Evans Halshaw smart Repair operations is qualified technicians firms, specialized in Small & Medium Accident Repair Techniques. The head office of group is located in Nottingham, it has now widen their network in Glasgow, Edinburgh in Scotland, Darlington, Leeds, Manchester, Burnley, Preston, Wolves, Grantham, Milton Keynes & Merthyr Tydfil & Wrexham in Wales. It provides instant solution in an accident and get you back on the road as soon as possible with minimum inconvenience.


Productivity is becoming more and more crucial to competitiveness in business. With ever increasing fuel costs, it was becomingreally important for companiesto track and monitor their fleet every day and stop unwanted use of it. In order that, they had realized that the need for smarter and faster vehicle tracking system was a paramount need of the hour. Vehicle tracking system is an essential fleet management tool which enables users to access complex data in real-time via assets whilst in transit between office, depot, service centre and multiple destinations. GPS based vehicle tracking system provides operational managers with information to increase efficiency, improve productivity and reduce operational cost.

The Scope:

The company wants to improve their customer satisfaction, by the timely deployment of their fleet from each of their locations when responding to site requirements.

The challenges:

In order to successfully customize our vehicle tracking system, we had to ensure our clients’ needs and requirement. That was the key solution to success for a successful implementation of the software.

  • Keeping costs at minimum level
  • Ensure inventory updates in background and correct data updates real time
  • Real time data update for vehicles, mileage, fuel costs and general vehicle overheads
  • Update the extensive reports
  • Digital mapping
  • Daily updates for running miles, speeds, taking time, etc.

The Solution:

We at softqube technologies ensured that we understood the client’s needs and requirements regarding vehicle tracking system. Our dedicated team of system developers uses GPS (Global Positioning System) and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) to offers real-time detailed information about your vehicles through maps velocity. It also allows you to build a database of collecting information that will identify opportunities for productivity improvement and cost reduction. We were also able to successfully develop for the client a single server based system that would allow for:

  • 24 X 7 Vehicle tracking
  • Employee Tracking
  • Arrival and Departure Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Personal vehicle tracking
  • Theft prevention and recovery
  • Child and family safety
  • Pet safety and security

Given the scope of vehicle tracking service, it was essential to check software service time to time giving accurate and essential fleet information. We were also getting feedback from end users to improve the service of software every day. The client now successfully transitioned to the new software that has enabled to track real-time location, Establish routes and rules to alerts, generate a range of MIS reports, etc. With this system, the client was also able to Track actual mileage through GPS, View real-time location of your vehicles, via GIS map nationwide.

Global Positioning System

Client comment:

The softqubes GPS-GSM based vehicle allows us to give efficient, timely service to our Group, our operatives. Now we don’t require hand written timesheets, because with this system we can access it either by using any type of device including PC, Smartphone and tablets. Proof of attendance is simple with the instant visibility of on-site arrival and finish times being recorded automatically makes sure there are no invoicing discrepancies within the Group. The vehicle tracking system reporting suites gives a complete data to our back office team, saving them hours of manual data collation & calculation.

Words from Our Client

  • The professional relationship with our Softqube development team has proven to be beneficial beyond our expectations. The lines of communication with our SQT project manager are always open and very effective, and the quality of work completed by the team is consistently of a high quality that meets our standards.

    Raj - Kriya Management, USA

  • We could not have done it without Softqube!
    With a commitment to quality and excellent project management skills, your dedicated web team takes care of our most valuable projects. The challenge of keeping deadline, quality and deployment of each projects are handled by softqube without a hesitation.

    Ghan Bavadiya

  • If you are looking for a company that is working hard to complete a task within budget and on time with an extreme amount of professionalism is Softqube the company for you. We have worked with Sam and his team for some time and have not had a single problem.

    Lijoy ( Deal N Dine )