Offshore Development Centers India Setup

Fully dedicated and responsible software/applications development center

Offshore development has caught the eye of many successful IT companies and clients across the globe. What is an offshore development center or more commonly referred to as ODC? What does it do? What are the many advantages and uses of an ODC? Softqube as a software development company also has its own ODC center in India. But why India as a destination for all such IT software development needs. An offshore development center is basically fully dedicated and responsible for software and applications developments, designs, testing, bug fixes and technical and functional support activity.

Why India and Softqube?

With our services through the ODC and software development center you can rest assured that we will provide you the best of services. We will ensure that your requirements are duly fulfilled without the issues of distance, time lag or cultural differences impacting our service level, output and project deliverable. We are a highly culturally diverse, tolerable and understanding organization. We keep in mind the needs for cultural and local tolerance when we deal with our clients or any kind of communication is happening. We aim at regular feedback and review sessions. They are held to bring more clarity, clearer communication and help keeping the work in track and monitor progress. At our IT development center, each person works every day to ensure client success and support 24×7 with a focus on deliverable and faster resolutions and solution design

Offshore Application Development Center
Why should you as a client outsource your offshore software development needs and requirements to us? We have the best facilities, technology tools, systems and design and most important capital in terms of human resources.
Some of the many advantages of working as collaborators with ODC are,
  • Reduced Cost of Operation, development and design
  • High level of quality development
  • Superior Human resource capital, capabilities and skill sets
  • Developers, programmers and engineers with high level of expertise and relevant experience
  • Reduced fixed and overhead costs for maintenance of IT centers
  • Reduced need for manpower management
  • As a client, focus on your expertise and USP's and we work on your IT development requirements.

Words from Our Client

  • The professional relationship with our Softqube development team has proven to be beneficial beyond our expectations. The lines of communication with our SQT project manager are always open and very effective, and the quality of work completed by the team is consistently of a high quality that meets our standards.

    Raj - Kriya Management, USA

  • We could not have done it without Softqube!
    With a commitment to quality and excellent project management skills, your dedicated web team takes care of our most valuable projects. The challenge of keeping deadline, quality and deployment of each projects are handled by softqube without a hesitation.

    Ghan Bavadiya

  • If you are looking for a company that is working hard to complete a task within budget and on time with an extreme amount of professionalism is Softqube the company for you. We have worked with Sam and his team for some time and have not had a single problem.

    Lijoy ( Deal N Dine )