Maximize Customer Conversions with a Rich M-commerce Experience

The revolutionary change in wireless communication, information technology and increasing access of internet on smartphone have made the m-commerce a most effective tool of marketing and e-commerce solutions. Now customers expect the high-quality shopping and brand experience wherever they are or whichever device they’re on. This is a time to think beyond the transaction – M-commerce is an opportunity to Drive Sales and Delight Customer!

Softqube’s platform offers state of the art technology to make mobilizing easy for reaching your targeted audience. We understand modern consumers’ needs and m-commerce business market trends. Keeping smartphone in their pocket, the consumers nowadays wish to carry everything in their pocket to complete their entire needs through accessing and using necessary mobile applications from anywhere.

We have experience and expertise in satisfying our clients’ need with designing and developing user friendly and appealing customized Mobile Commerce solutions. Whatever our clients’ business, either it may be retail, restaurants, hospitality, mobile ticketing, voucher, coupon, loyalty cards or related businesses; we deliver a customer-centric, data-driven M-commerce solutions to manage your shop or business from anywhere and satisfy the diverse nature of their target audience.

Our highly skilled and dedicated team of workforce has a whole gamut of indulgent on various features of m-commerce which can be accessible on different operating systems like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, etc. and accordingly come forward with well structures, stylish and prominent solution, which helps our clients to encourage their consumers’ for their products and services or change their buying behavior.

We can’t hide our expertise in managing intact security features to safeguard our clients and their concerned stakeholders. We take pride ourselves in offering product specific, company specific, industry specific or individualists and unique m-commerce solutions in earning and gaining competitive advantages to our clients in preparing themselves to go on a long way.

Our M-commerce Web Solution Offerings:

  • Cloud based Mobile POS solutions for Retailers
  • POS for Restaurants and Food Courts
  • E-Ticketing solutions and M-Commerce Solutions
  • Mobile Payments
We love to serve you much better ways, offering a high level user-centric M-commerce architecture. We assure you reliable project development with us.