Learning & Education

Expertise in learning & education website design, branding & apps.

It’s no wonder that the education is well-researched topic on the web. To successfully succeed a mission and build the vision of any education institution; an innovative, easily navigated, yet highly informative website plays an important role in the learning environment. That’s essential to meet ever changing requirements.

At Softqube, we understand the education industry and works with clients in this industry to deliver striking, clean and highly effective websites and web applications. We know exactly what our clients require. Whether it is for schools, academies, universities, online learning centers, or other educational institutions, we deliver comprehensive and practical web solutions that satisfy the inquisitive nature of their audience. We specialize in developing CMS based websites and apps that power learning and marketing of schools and education institutions.

Our effective development strategic, appealing design, fact-based digital marketing tactics and innovative marketing initiatives elucidate the core values, mission and benefits of learning and education institutions. Our best practices have led to our client’s success in enticing more students and adopting greater faculty and staff collaboration. Our years of experience and professional expertise offers you the convenience to obtain one point-of-contact for creative design and development, marketing strategies, and monitoring performance, so your campaigns are holistically organized for Optimal Results. We strive to satisfy the education community.

We take pride ourselves on offering web solutions that are not only accessible to all, but also allows organizations to position and differentiate their profile online, while helping to improve communications with current students, graduates and supporters in today’s competitive environment.

Learning & Education Solutions Includes:

  • Branding & design
  • Websites
  • Web strategy
  • Mobile apps
  • Digital marketing
  • Web resource portal
  • Forums & learning tools
  • Advertising & PPC
  • SEO for education
  • Donation websites
While the web gives the ideal channel for learning and education academies to market themselves effectively through websites or online portals, don’t hesitate to contact us today to put our design and marketing experience to work for you.