Solutions that Enable Governments to Deliver Citizen-Centric Services in More Efficient and Transparent Manner.

While the citizens nowadays demand greater government with responsiveness, transparency and improved access to information, the E-Governance is best solution for government to get fit with the changing needs of citizens. This efficient and flexible paradigm induce to create SMART Governance.

The IT enabled government assure better transparency, effectiveness, efficiency and easy access of service delivery in the public sector. That’s facilitate the operation of government and create digital interaction for a government to citizens (G2C), government to employees (G2E), government to businesses/Commerce (G2B), and even between government to governments /agencies (G2G).

Softqube Technologies is equipped with a specialized blend of consulting, technology & digital marketing that helps government departments and agencies to bring public services to the doorsteps of citizens promptly and in a cost-effective manner. As well, empower them to sustain positive interactions with citizens and employees.

That’s not only transform the way services are delivered to the citizens, but also help national and state government to align their services and develop the economy effectively. It reduces delivery cycle times, enhances service delivery efficiency and creates transparency and responsibility

Our best-in-class innovative E-Governance solutions offer the flexibility of both Web and Mobile platform integration, ensuring security, availability, enhanced reach and ease to use for the masses. This resulted in high level of governance efficiency, streamlined operations and saving costs. Our dedicated expert team has project management skills and great technology capabilities to develop the excellent government processes and systems that improve communications and overall service levels.

Various E-Governance Services offered by Softqube Technologies are:

  • CMS based Information Portal/Website Development
  • IT Infrastructure Management System
  • Web Based Public Interaction System
  • Collaboration and Appointment System
  • GSM GPS Based Tracking System
  • Development of Databae-governancese Driven System
  • Web & Mobile Application Development
  • Alert-based Monitoring System
We are committed towards E-Governance implementation for government at all levels. We address needs, fully understand requirements, and represent a sound and effective strategy among with a realistic implementation plan to make E-Governance reality. For any requirements/queries of E-Governance Solutions, feel free to contact us.